Craig Lockerd, the Founder and President of AutoMax Recruiting and Training as well as AutoMax Hire has over 40 years in the automotive industry. After attending Northwood Institute, Craig started as a porter in a small Plymouth dealership in Canton Ohio and has worked in every department in a dealership since that first job. As a General Manager, Craig brought People, Process, Product and Promotion together to make unprofitable dealerships very profitable.

In the late 80’s Craig was recruited to be a Turnaround Consultant bringing his expertise to failing dealerships across the country, again using his ability to tap into top talent and develop that talent in a short period of time to turn huge profits for his dealer clients.

In 1998, Craig decided to use his experience in gathering talent to create AutoMax Recruiting, the leader in Automotive Recruitment.

Craig is a speaker at automotive conferences, co-author of the best-selling book Unfair Advantage and is constantly looking to push his company to new heights.

Although Craig has been blessed with many accomplishments in his business life, his true success, love and passion lies within his four children, three grandchildren and his involvement with his church.