ADT Overthrows Marketplace Competition

AUBUDON, NJ (March 25, 2013) – Automotive industry masterminds collaborate to produce Automotive Digital Training, also known as A.D.T. This program is the most advanced 24/7 comprehensive video on-demand training, tracking, testing and certification platform in the automotive industry.

Sean V. Bradley, Dealer Synergy CEO partners with Peter “webdoc” Martin, President of Cactus Sky Communications, to form this newest digital age phenomenon. The platform features industry icons such as Ralph Paglia, Jim Zeigler, Craig Lockerd and Danny Alkassmi.

“For 20 years, I have been the eyes and ears for the auto industry, providing unbiased advice and information to dealers across the nation. I now have an opportunity to bring dealerships the most advanced information and “how to” details for everything related to automotive digital marketing and conventional automotive marketing,” said Paglia.

A.D.T. is unlike all other virtual trainers out there bringing top-notch subject matter experts to the platform, each with their own channel. A.D.T. offers multiple trainers rather than typical platforms out there with only one trainer covering everything. The A.D.T. platform allows companies to pick and choose which trainers and topics they would like to buy.

“Why pay thousands of dollars to have someone come and talk to your crew without knowing if they have actually retained the knowledge imparted upon them? Most employees can’t learn in a lecture-like setting. They need access to watch specific segments over and over in order to fully take everything in. A.D.T. gives this to them at a fraction of the cost,” says Bradley.

The online market place is constantly evolving and A.D.T. provides the most up-to-date training and content to keep dealers ahead of the competition, guaranteeing market place domination.

About Dealer Synergy

Dealer Synergy is the leader in internet sales, presenting at more than 50 NADA and NCM 20 groups. Dealer Synergy invented the NCM/Dealer Synergy internet sales boot camp and created the first Internet sales 20 group. Dealer Synergy founder Sean V. Bradley has spoken at NADA 2009 and AAISP conferences in 2006, 2007 and 2009, as well as being an expert speaker for the JD Power and Associates Internet round table. Dealer synergy earned the 2008 and 2009 Dealer’s Choice award for best automotive internet sales training company in addition to Dealix “Best of the Best” two times. Dealer Synergy staff are regular contributors to multiple industry publications.

About Cactus Sky

Cactus Sky Communications is a full-service online advertising and public relations agency whose expertise is in email marketing and building online relationships. Companies spend millions of dollars developing and driving traffic to their website only to have visitors leave and never return. Online engagement and database development are two of the most important tools Cactus Sky incorporates into all aspects of advertising and marketing to increase online conversations to conversions. As a full service digital agency, Cactus Sky has all the services in their tool box from email marketing, pay per click, social media marketing, public relations and website design to build a successful marketing strategy.