There’s only one thing worse than training your staff and having them leave, and that’s not training them and having them stay.

Car dealerships traditionally spend the majority of their budget on advertising trying to drive traffic to the lot, but what happens once they get there? Is your team prepared to handle a proper introduction? Do they know how to conduct a successful test drive and product showcase? What about closing techniques? Are they prepared to speak to internet phone-ups? What about your receptionists and other employees in the dealership? Were they trained in customer service and have they been taught how to handle customer inquiries and set appointments and effectively use your CRM?

If the answer is no or that you’re not sure, that’s ok. Most dealerships don’t put enough emphasis on training. But the hard truth is that if you want to be successful, you need more than just catchy radio jingles and clever social media posts, because once people start flocking to the showroom, you need to be able to close the deal.

Training your staff does a multitude of good for your dealership. It builds confidence in your team, it boosts your reputation around town and on the internet, but ultimately it leads to more cars being sold and it improves your bottom line.

Imagine how successful your dealership would be if you invested in training your people on topics such as Leadership, Communications, Sales Management, Phone Sales and Time Management, for example. The skills they’d have and the tools they could apply to every single prospect will move them miles above the competition. Your number one priority should be your people because the better your team, the better your business. Give them a chance to be extraordinary.

So the real question you should be asking yourself is not “why train?” but “why NOT train?” With a platform so technologically advanced as ADT, with industry experts that possess vast first hand experience in the areas you are seeking help on, with hundreds of hours of content, full of resources to help you and your team surpass the competition, what are you waiting for? The only thing holding you back from selling more cars is you. Start training today and get a glimpse at what you have been missing.

I have been working on taking my skills to the next level . So I'm taking classes through ADT more