What is ADT?

Automotive Digital Training is the most advanced 24/7 comprehensive video on-demand training, tracking, testing, and certification platform in the marketplace today. Automotive Digital Training features 12 channels and 9 trainers compiled in 1 place. It’s what you need, when you need it.

ADT has something for everyone in your dealership. Subscription plans include everything from Human Resources management to basic phone scripts to executive level sales techniques and managerial tools. It also provides unique tracking and testing to ensure a high level of retention, a guarantee for owners and managers that their staff is learning and understanding what they’re being taught.

Because of the multi-channel platform, ADT is also a great solution for the individual sales professional. If your GM or Director has not provided adequate training opportunities, there are individual subscriptions for access to incredibly high-end content that can’t be found anywhere else. Take your career to the next level by learning the skills and techniques you can take with you.

Get to know our Expert Trainers and review the list of Channels to learn more about what ADT has to offer. Visit the Prices page to for subscription packages, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

How does it work?

We cover every single aspect of a dealership’s needs, from the showroom floor to behind the scenes.

The Video On-Demand platform is superior to live training because it allows viewers to learn at their own speed, skipping ahead, rewinding, and pausing to take notes. The tracking and testing aspects provide accountability for users to measure what they’ve seen as well as what they’ve learned. The Certification courses provide a very simple way for General Managers and Directors to guarantee their team is watching and learning exactly what they need.

Why it’s different?

ADT surpasses traditional online training by featuring all of the experts in one place. Priced comparatively with other online training platforms, you get more for your money with ADT. 9 experienced trainers telling you how it is in their areas of expertise. Our content is up-to-date with new videos added weekly.

ADT is not just a training platform. It is your portal to current trends in the automotive industry. If you’re not watching these videos, you are missing out on what everyone else is learning.

Find out exactly why ADT is the superior training platform and register today to step it up.